The key features of the Company is that its one note books manufecturing unit is functioning in India under same brand name as a export oriented unit. The company has a proposal to enhance export business of Canadian resources as well as frenchise business of food delights.

“Bantam Canada Ltd” in Canada has been founded by Mr Stanlianjit who is a first generation entrepreneur. The company offers its client’s professional trucking solutions.


Flat Deck, Step Deck & Asset Based Transportation.

Full truck Load(FTL) & Less than truck Load(LTL).

We are specialists in transporting dry bulk logistics, building material, machinery and permitted for Wide Load.

Area of Operation:-

Canadian Lane – Quebec to Alberta

U.S. Lane – Winnipeg – Texas – Toronto

Bantam Canada Ltd is now gradual moving towards strengthening Canada-indo ties by endeavoring to create a business platform where small, medium and large traders, manufactures and industrialists from different sectors join hands to collaborate for business development. Bantam Canada also proposes to replicate the same model for Canada-USA-India trade relations.

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