Bantam Canada Ltd.,believes in having the right a people in the right place. Some of the best minds and talent are a part of our team. Whereas techinal staff s.t. Pre trip inspector & cabin drivers with a wealth of experience and proven strong sense of duty being part of
our team. Our strength lies in its culture of customer centric innovation.

Company offers both for hire trucking as well as private carriers. Most of their business will be derived from the private carriers. For the private carrier segment, both truck load (T L) and less than truck load ( LT L) will be offered. The services of company will be attractive specially for food industry, as participants in that industry typically use refferals, reputation and customer services
as purchasing variables.

The trucking industry provides transportation services for persons or companies looking to haul heavy or lighter things. Bantam Canada Ltd. is a differentiator. By providing excellent infrastructure and ease ofaccess to multiple models of transportation for any project business can ultimately manage their supply chains more efficiently and ideally at reduced cost, while reaching local
markets. We will provide this service to the whole of Manitoba area in initial stage of years, and confidant to expand from this base area within the first five years of operation.

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